Aerodynamic kits

Every kit’s creation starts with a designer sketch, which is carefully prepared by a designer, who learns specific model’s design ideology, and inherits every minor detail and shape.

After approving final design, it is passed to a highly professional team of engineers, which is responsible for preparing 3D model, fitting it to actual car’s dimensions.

In order to make this a full car’s body is being scanned with a special equipment & transferred to a computer model. Later a body kit’s shape is being developed in special software tools.

Based on computer model a technological mold is prepared, which is later used to produce different elements of the kit.

In KHANN production we are mostly using ABS. This durable type of plastic has high level of elasticity and stays stable in any exposure.

Parts produced from ABS plastics are fitting perfectly to the car, are durable, light in weight & elasticity. Their quality can be compared to original parts of car producer.