KHANN Forged Wheels

We are developing our wheels in tight cooperation with world’s leading wheels producing companies.

After considering different options we have selected AB type alloy. Aluminum alloy with magnesium, copper, silicium, and managanese. This alloy is called aircraft grade Al 6061, and used at avionic production, being recognized for reliability & plasticity.

Wheels are specially designed in a way to utilize metal’s structure of specially prepared aluminum bars. This allows to minimize weight & increase durability.

One comparing forged KHANN wheels can find out following:

  • KHANN wheels are lighter than steel wheels by 40 to 60%, and than alloy wheels by 20%-35%.
  • KHANN wheels have lower mass moment of inertia, thus making a car more dynamic and comfortable and easier to steer and brake.
  • KHANN wheels are 50% more durable compared to Russian Legal requirements and 100% more plastic, thus bringing your safety to a new level.

Unique technologies of surface finishing are letting our designers to offer our clients different color, and engraving options, in order to make clients car unique. KHANN wheels are combining unique set of parameters. They are light, but stiff, plastic but spring.

That is why KHANN wheels are the best choice for heavy SUV and sport cars.