Today LED lights are revolutionizing automotive industry. LED is better fit for usage in any car due to following reasons:

- LED is converting electricity directly to light, with higher efficiency compared to halogen & xenon bulbs;

- LED bulbs are not producing heat, thus preventing your car optics from being melted or damaged due to high level of temperature difference;

- LED bulbs are emitting clear light, which is well noticed on the road;

- LED bulbs are mechanically durable & reliable. Such bulbs can work for 55 000 hours, which is 50 times more than halogen & 5-10 times more than xenon.

Above mentioned facts made us produce an easy to install KHANN LED lights, which is consuming less energy, decrease alternator’s usage, and increased safety through better visibility in the traffic.

LED Fog lights

LED fog lights will add some attractiveness & stand out your car in the traffic with bright white light.

It fit into following models: Lexus LX570, GX460, RX270/350/450h, GS 250/350/450h