High quality standards of KHANN products are the key features of corporate production culture of the KHANN and are implemented with the wide utilisation of modern technologies & equipment.

Contemporary engineering solutions and chase for the innovation allowing KHANN company to make the most impressive design ideas real and to be a well known trend setter in the styling world for Lexus & Toyota.

Now we are inviting you to learn about our technologies used in production of unique parts, shaping our clients’ SUVs outstanding exterior appearance.

Aerodynamic kits production

Creation of an aerodynamic kit starts from the designer sketches, while preparing such sketches designer gets acquainted with the cars’ philosophy, explores all minor aspects of car parts & lines.

Before the approved sketch is transferred to 3D model, it is applied to the real size 3D model off the car, which is done by special high definition scanning process & equipment. Later designer develops the shapes of the aerodynamic kit in the modern computer programs, which are placing all points of the future aerodynamic kit to their places and in actual sizes of the car, mounting points and all internal equipment.

Computed 3D model becomes real with a most up to date 5 axes moulding machine, which is preparing the vacuum mould, which will be later used for production runs of all components.

Major plastic used for components production is ABS plastic, which is specially warmed up to 250 degrees Celsius and within vacuum shaping technological cycle becomes a high quality component. After cooling to rooms' temperature the part is ready for assembly. All these parts are made of high quality, elastic plastic, which is ready to handle almost any kind of usage.

Forged wheels production

KHANN produces its unique forged wheels in strategic partnership with the worlds leading wheels' producers.

We've selected an AB alloy for our wheels, it is aluminium based alloy with added magnesium, copper, silicium and manganese. This type of alloy is used in aero-construction industry where it is valued for being durable and flexible at the same time.

Specially developed moulds for the forging of the wheels are developed for the wheels design to make internal structure of the wheel meet the directions & breakdown of the load capacity. This allows to make wheel lighter in weight with better ruggedness.

KHANN forged wheels are having following features:

  • are lighter then steel ones by 40%-60%, and casted aluminium by 20%-35%.
  • are having lower moment of inertia.
  • are 1,5 times more durable then required by russian standards, thus are much safer at the roads with a poor surfaces.

We use wide variety of technologies allowing our wheels to be finished with different paints & effects to make them truly unique.

Carbon accessories production

Carbon is an composite material consisting of carbon fiber and epoxy resins. Today this type of material is the most technological & is used in aero & space industries, as well as in super cars’ production.

The carbon fibers can be woven into different patterns. Different patterns of fabric are used by the KHANN specialist to make unique outfit of the final product in hand production. In order to make final product more durable thay are made of several layers of the carbon fiber fabric rotating the patterns.

The major advantage of the carbon are high durability, low weigh and attractive surface.