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Aerodynamic kit KHANN ver. HRS for Lexus LX450d has passed the serious challenge of crossing the African continent from South to North during AFRORALLY 2016

Production director Vitaly Koshelev has personally participated in this expedition and drove more then 13 000 km. The expedition started in November 2016 at the very South of African continent and within 40 days has been finished at the North. 

During the expedition the participating SUVs has been exposed to the most serious conditions of heat & cold, dunes, sand, small gravel in different zones of savannas, mountains & deserts, with off-road challenges of National Parks. Aerodynamic kit, wide body kit, hood cover & fifth door spoiler by KHANN prevailed in this battle with nature, none of the parts has been lost or damaged, while being exposed to the most severe conditions of wild nature. 

The African adventure of the KHANN components is the best proof of the high quality standards, which allows KHANN products to be used almost everywhere from hot African deserts to cold Siberian forests.